Onboarding Requirements

Welcome to the Lona Crew!
Below is some important information about the onboarding process.
We use Deputy for Rostering and Payroll. Once you complete the adjacent form we will use these details to set up a Deputy account for you. It is very important that the details you provide us in the form are correct so please double check. You will receive an email invitation from Deputy and all you need to do is click to accept the invitation and go to Deputy. Once you have accepted the invite, you’ll get another email with your password and PIN. Don’t delete this email, it might come in handy in future & you need your PIN to sign in to your shift in-venue on the Deputy Kiosk. Your pin can also be found in the Deputy App on your phone.
Please download the Deputy app on your phone and sign in.

You will also receive and email or text with a link to complete your onboarding information such as your TFN and Bank Details. 

You must download the app to receive your shifts, and by your first shift you must have completed all the onboarding information and come to work with your pin so that you can sign on for your first shift.

Please access the Onboarding Manual from the available Training Resources and review in detail prior to your first shift. 

Ok that’s it for now – see you at Hotel Lona!

Lona Management.

Training Resources

Please download and carefully read all of the onboarding documents linked below.


Lona Service Styles

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Date added: 03-11-2022

Lona Front of House Induction Booklet 09_22

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Date added: 03-11-2022

Drunch Guide

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Date added: 03-11-2022